See attached info tor the 2019 pre-season. More specific info will be posted once finalised.

Note this Saturday is the first of our face to face registration days. (10am-2pm Guide Hall, Day St Wyoming – Northern End of Alan Davidson Park)

There will be laptops available for you to SELF-register. We cannot do it for you.

You will need 
1) Your Active Kids Voucher/s
2) Access to your email address to receive your unique code emailed to you upon registering

We STRONGLY advise however, that you register prior using the guide in the link below – as many other clubs and associations will be doing the same thing on the day and we expect there will be significant load on the rego system, causing delays. 
NB (we are no longer accepting credit card payments online – Payment must be made to our bank account, or at one of our rego days via cash or card)


Also note Polos/jackets etc will NOT be able to be purchased on the rego days. We have set aside a dedicated day on the 23rd Feb to pickup your free playing shorts & socks and for you to purchase any extras like a polo or jacket.