The 2018 AGM was held earlier this week. In total only 10 people attended, all members of the outgoing Committee. Of these 10 people seven are Life Members meaning that they have all been working for our club for at least 10 years, in most cases for much longer. Despite numerous requests we have been unable to attract a single new member to join the Committee and the situation is beginning to approach crisis point especially as in regard to the all-important Football Committee where we have no representatives for any of the four player categories: Non-Competition (U5-U11), Junior (U12-U16), Seniors and Women.

Yet again we must ask for members to step up to assist in the operation of your club and to take the pressure of the people who have been there for so many years, often forced into taking on multiple roles. Rest assured that all support will be provided to assist in an easy transition into any position that you can take on. If you have any questions then please contact one of our Executive Committee members and we can explain the requirements of each of the vacant positions.

The 2019 General Committee is:
Executive Committee
President: Scott Snodgrass
Vice President: Lorraine Little
Secretary: Alistair Kennedy
Treasurer: Diana Dyer
Football Committee Chairman: Chris Large

Operations Committee
Registrar: Kim Lincoln
Website Administrator: Andrew Kennedy
Liquor Licensee: Luca Scuri
Canteen Manager: Diana Dyer
Cadet Referee Co-ordinators: Jarrod & Rebecca Mobberley
Member Protection Officer: Kristy Allen

Support Committee:
Ken Melvin
Melissa Melvin
Christine Muldoon
Jodie Milligan

No nominations were received for the following positions:
Junior Non-Competition (U5-U11) Representative
Junior Competition (U12-U16) Representative
Senior Representative
Womens Representative
Coaching Co-Ordinator
Ground Controller
Gear Steward
Marketing & Promotions Officer

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or would like to apply