In celebration of Kevin Best being honoured the Order of Australia medal, Wyoming FC and Central Coast Football will be hosting a tribute to Kevin at Pluim Park this Saturday [February 10] commencing at 2pm.


The Wyoming Football Club is delighted to announce that KEVIN BEST has been awarded the Order of Australia medal in today’s Australia Day Honours List for his contributions to the sport of football over a period of more than 60 years.

Kevin has made a lifelong contribution to the sport of soccer/football in all aspects of the code including as a player, coach, administrator, historian, archivist and author. Despite being almost 70 years of age his dedication to the sport remains as strong and passionate as ever especially in his determination to address the deficiencies in the preparation of young players at the grassroots level.

Importantly Kevin has made all of these contributions on a voluntary basis and has never sought or received any financial gain. Indeed, although few know it, he has on a number of occasions covered the cost of many of his programs and historical research out of his own pocket.

Kevin Best’s contributions to football on the Central Coast are legendary and there are few, if any, more highly respected people in the region. This respect is based not just in the remarkable contributions that he has made but also in the manner that he has conducted himself throughout, a manner that reflects the highest of community standards and with extreme modesty, good humour and composure under pressure.

Among the numerous honours and awards that Kevin has received are:

1974:   Hurlstone Park Wanderers Football Club – Life Membership
1975:   Wyoming Football Club – Senior Player of the Year
1979:   Central Coast Football –Services to the Game Trophy
1979:   Wyoming Football Club – Life Membership
1984:   Gosford City Council – Australia Day award for services to soccer
1986:   Wyoming Football Club – Senior Player of the Year
1992:   Central Coast Football – Life Membership
1996:   2GO Radio – Central Coast Sports Person of the Year
2010:  Researching & Co-Writing ‘Tiger Tales – The History of the Wyoming FC 1970-2010’
2011:   Wyoming Football Club – WFC Medal for Continuing Long Service to the Club
2013:  Researching & Co-Writing ‘The History of Central Coast Football 1963-2013’



Dear fellow football fanatics,

“To all those, who commented on the Order of Australia Medal awarded to me on Friday 26 January 2018 (Australia Day), thank you for your kind thoughts. A big thank you must go to Wyoming Football Club, Central Coast Football, and in particular, Alistair Kennedy, for nominating me.

I have spent 60 years in the game to arrive at this point. It’s hard to comprehend where the years have gone, but because of football, I can recall most years from photos taken. I still communicate and meet up with players I played with in 1958, when it all started.  If you hang around long enough, it becomes a life long connection with anyone who can kick a ball. 

Football is a world wide family, where the ground rules are common and the language is the same. The people you meet inside the ring are different to those outside. You are more at home with the likes. I have had the passion for the game for all those 60 years.  I ventured into playing, coaching and administration. I did not try refereeing. There was no time for it.  You may be surprised, but I am not an ambitious person by nature, and during my life, I have usually volunteered my time, when I saw something broken, and when nobody else was doing anything about it. 

In reflection, when I was in the saddle, I averaged 10 years in that job.  The journey has been a pleasure to endure and a passion to undertake, and the light has not yet gone out.  

The highlights are: Hurlstone Park player success, Wyoming player success, CC All Age State titles Rep team success, Wyoming President, Coasties 1st grade first year President and player, CC Board member, CC Publicity Officer, Margin Cup organiser, CC Rep Coach and 1995 success of U13 team, Kincumber Women’s 1st team success, CC and Wyoming Historian, ABC Junior Football program. Obviously, the above jobs overlapped considerably.

I have come across so many lovely and dedicated people, too many to mention.

I would like to give a special thanks to my parents (deceased) for my homely and loving upbringing and my wife (Leonie) for her absolute support.

Thank you all dearly. See you around the parks, as usual.

Kind regards 
Kevin Best.”